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Dr Deepak Kumar

Professor Design and synthesis of diversified bioactive smal... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kapoor

Professor Drug Delivery, Formulation Development, Nanotechno... View Profile

Dr Rohit Goyal

Professor Preclinical Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Natural Pr... View Profile

Dr Lalit Sharma

Associate Professor Neurosciences, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Drug Ad... View Profile

Dr Navneet Kumar Upadhyay

Associate Professor Method development and validation by using analyti... View Profile

Dr Poonam Negi

Associate Professor Drug Delivery, Herbal Drug Delivery,Formulation, S... View Profile

Mr Abhishek Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Novel Drug Delivery Systems... View Profile

Mr Sunil Kumar

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Aditi Sharma

Assistant Professor Osteoporosis, Alcohol addiction, Natural Product R... View Profile

Dr Arun Parashar

Assistant Professor Diabetes, Neuropharmacology... View Profile

Ms Chetna Kumari

Assistant Professor Drug delivery, Nanotechnology, skin... View Profile

Ms Dhriti Verma

Assistant Professor Novel drug delivery systems, Formulation and devel... View Profile

Dr Hemlata Kaurav

Assistant Professor Novel Drug delivery system, Formulation and develo... View Profile

Ms Monika Prakash Singh

Assistant Professor Novel drug delivery systems, Formulation and devel... View Profile

Dr Raveen Chauhan

Assistant Professor Clinical Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Practice, med... View Profile

Dr Swati Pundir

Assistant Professor Expertise in extraction, fractionation, phytochemi... View Profile

Mr Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor Neurology, neurodegeneration... View Profile

Ms Himanshu Gandhi

Assistant Professor Novel Drug delivery systems ... View Profile

Mr Prashanta Kumar Deb

Assistant Professor Natural Product Research, Phytochemistry, Drug Dev... View Profile

Ms Shikha Mahant

Assistant Professor Novel Drug delivery systems, Transdermal drug deli... View Profile

Ms Tamana Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics... View Profile